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Maoyu Mao(b. 1998) now lives and works in Hangzhou. She received her bachelor's degree in experimental art from China Academy of Art (2020) and her master's degree in fine art from  Goldsmiths, University of London (2023).

Maoyu’s work based on a personal awareness and experience of the present state of living things, exploring the broader sense of 'how one becomes what it is'. By using installation, text and performance as tools for reconfiguring and revaluing the relationship between exuberant emotional experience and the material world, accessing a cosmic dance from a micro-system. On the quiet side of things, above the boundaries of the living, forming an adventurous word, a healthy breeze, an unknown letter or a mysterious symbol.

Recently Maoyu is focusing on the fragile relationship between art and daily life. Home furniture, clothes, food all become the sites of investigation in a constant effort to better understand the social construction of human nature and needs, aiming to discover a way of life that transcends social norms - simultaneously conforms to the smallest range of individuality as well as the largest range of natural laws.



矛予的作品基于个人对生活事物现状的觉察和体验,探索更广泛意义上的 "个体如何成为其本来所是"。她的作品经常以装置、写作和表演为工具,重新配置和评价旺盛的情感体验和物质世界之间的关系,从个人微观系统中窥探宇宙之舞。就在事物安静的一端,在生活的边界之上,形成一个冒险的词,一个未知的字母或一个神秘的符号。


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