Car Park, MiG


Exhibition View of Car Park, MiG


Others experience the mystery of 'life on the border' in a profound way. They are never explicitly here or there. They live in no human's land. Melancholy is the anxiety of a person who feels close to the infinite, but also ecstatic and threatening at the same time. To be a "living frontier" becomes the meaning of life.

Again, this vague guidance drives this work. The direction of movement is determined by chance, the content of thought by complex emotions, the core of which comes from a rich experience of experience and an intention to constantly reconfigure the relationship with the material world. The discovered objects are divorced from their fixed shapes and mysterious historical features. But in this deliberate movement of 'renaming', they attempt to detach themselves from their original meaning and regain ownership. Or it could be described as: some mysterious signs, unknown letters, foreign words. The metaphorical dimension of melancholy: they do not only point to themselves, they also suggest a lack (love object lost) and, more importantly, make something else visible in this gesture - a gesture that gradually becomes clear in Dürer's masterpiece "Melancholy III ".

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