Interactive image/ installation
variable size
在意识流中我们所有人都是平等的。我伫立在墙前,影像中我用左右手同时写字。 |是我,是镜子、中线,过去与未来的交叉,主动玩耍与被动循规的拉扯…我们由此出发。许多年前,从石头内显现的形象是他心中的“我”,而今,重新书写着那形象的是我心中的“他”。墙面中线上挂有两只铅笔,观者可使用它书写,字迹重叠于影像上。

We are all equal in the stream of consciousness. I stand in front of the wall, in the image I write with my left and right hands at the same time. |It's me, the mirror, the midline, the intersection of the past and the future, active play and passive rule-based pull…… We set out from here. Many years ago, the image that appeared from the stone was the "I" in his heart. Now, it is the "he" in my heart that rewrote that image. There are two pencils hanging on the center line of the wall, which can be used by the viewer to write, and the handwriting overlaps on the image.

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